Nr.8183 -16mm- Hokushin X350 met 350 watt xenonlamp, 20watt versterker, optisch/mag.geluid,600 meter spoelen, zoomlens, deze projector heeft service beurt gehad en is in nieuwstaat, ophalen wordt niet verstuurd, prijs op aanvraag bel of mail.

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Hokushin, X350

16mm film
Lens: f 50mm (2-inch), F:1.4 Canon large aperture lens. Canon large aperture zoom converter (zoom ratio 0.8~1,35) can be combined to obtain a full-screen projection without moving the projector back and forth.
Lamp: XENON 350 Watt
Exiter lamp: 6V 1A, P30s, BSS/BSB
Spoel capaciteit: 600 m
Projection: forward, reverse, still
Reverse projection: Reverse projection for long time can be performed. Cooling fan is so designed that the normal blow is sustained even in reverse position.
Projection speed: 24 fps. Speed changing by frequency of power line is attained by shifting the driving belt.
Frame counter: no
Film loading: manual threading
Sound: optical and magnetic sound reproduction
Sound mode: mono
Sound lens: Cylindrical lens, slit-less, long focus type
Sound controls: volume, tone
Photo-electric transducer: Solar cell
Amplifier: IC (Integrated Circuit), solid state
Sound output: 20W max. Impedance 8 Ohm. Overall frequency response is practically flat between 50Hz and 10,000Hz. Distortion is less than 5% at rated output power
Built-in speaker: Elliptic speaker fixed within the projector case. Impendance 16 Ohm.
Optional Loudspeaker: 30 cm (12-inch) powerful type, 8 Ohm
Motor: Double-pole condenser motor, output power 35W
Power source: 100~130V and 220~240V, 50/60Hz, 400W

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