Nr.6547 Super 8 - Thicker Than Water (1935) Laurel & Hardy speelduur 21min| 16 March 1935 (USA) silent/zwartwit zit op 120m.spoel en in doos

Vorige Artikel 44 van 49 Volgende
€ 20,00

1 reel a 120 meter silent


Oliver's in trouble with his wife after missing a payment on their furniture, having given the money to Stanley, who used it instead to pay Mrs. Hardy for his room and board. While doing the dishes, Stanley convinces Oliver to withdraw the family savings and buy the furniture outright. But they accidentally squander it at an auction, purchasing a grandfather clock which gets smashed on the way home. Mrs. Hardy's reaction sends Oliver to the hospital, where a blood transfusion from Stanley produces confusing results.

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