Nr.2165 -- 16mm,,Everything's Rosie,, 1931 Robert Woolsey slapstick,comedy speelduur 67 minuten mooi zwartwit en Engels gesproken geheel compleet met begin en end titels

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16mm,,Everything's Rosie,, 1931 Robert Woolsey, slapstick / comedy

speelduur 67 minuten mooi zwartwit en Engels gesproken

geheel compleet met begin en end titels, kwaliteit zeer goed

Dr. J. Dockweiler Droop (Robert Woolsey) is a carnival charlatan, scamming local shills out of their hard earned money. He adopted Rosie (Anita Louise) when she was three, and has raised her to become a pretty young woman, who is just as good an operator as her adoptive father is. As they pass through a small town, Rosie falls in love with Billy Lowe (John Darrow), and pleads with Dockweiler to leave the carnival life and settle down. Dockweiler agrees, and the two leave the carnival.

To support them, Dockweiler becomes partners with a jewelry store owner, Al Oberdorf (Alfred James), who is on the verge of bankruptcy. Due to Dockweiler's sales skills, he saves the store from failure. He has also been spending his time convincing the gullible townspeople that he is actually a European noblemen. While Rosie is in love with Billy, she finds out that he is engaged to a snobbish socialite, Madeline Van Dorn (Lita Chevret). Heartbroken, when Billy invites her to his birthday, she agrees to go, along with Dockweiler. While at the party, Dockweiler decides to get back at the townspeople who have heartbroken his daughter, and runs a crooked shell game, bilking the locals of large amounts of cash. When Rosie discovers that Billy has true feelings for her, and intends to marry her, she asks Dockweiler to lose back the money he has won. He agrees, but before the evening is out, the Sheriff (Clifford Dempsey) arrives and asks him to leave town for running a dishonest game.

Before they can leave, however, the jewelry store is robbed, and suspicion falls on Dockweiler who is arrested for the theft. He escapes from the jail, and is leaving town with Rosie, when the Sheriff and Billy track them down to let them know that the real jewel thieves have been apprehended. Dockweiler understands that he will never fit in with the local gentry, so, now assured of Rosie's happiness with Billy, bids them adieu and departs.

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