Nr.8304 --een prachtige 16mm SIEMENS 2000 projector met 15W. transistor versterker, heeft optisch geluid, zoomlens 35mm - 65mm en een 800 watt losse halogeen lamp, geschikt voor 600 meter spoelen, heeft service beurt gehad en is in goede staat

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An Ampere-meter is used to control the lamp circuit current which depends on the type of lamp used Either a 250volts 500,750 or 1000 watt lamps can be used.
REEL CAPICITY = 650m (2,200 feet). Can be extended to 4,000ft with extension arms not supplied.
THREADING = Manuel (less chance of film damage).
RUNNING SPEED = 16/18/20/24 Frames per second with additional +/- 5%.
POWER INPUT = 110/125/150/220/240V 40 to 60 Hz.
SHUTTER SPEED = 2 or 3 Blades.
AMPERE-METER = Used for monitoring light voltage.
LAMP SETTING = By turning the master switch further clockwise the screen brilliance can be increased.
LAMP ADJUSTMENT = Possible by turning the lamp adjustment control knobs to get a maximum light output.
PROJECTOR LAMP = 500/750/1000 W. halogeen lamp
SOUND = Can play back 16mm films with  Optical sound track.
PILOT LAMP = To be used in low light conditions to help threading or checking film movement whilst being projected.
SCANNING ADJUSTMENT = Alignment adjustment can be made at any time on Optical prints where the sound track is not printed in the correct position by just using a coin.
LENS = Standard Astro - Kino - Color V 1:1,5 50mm plus additional lens 1:1,8 25mm lens.

AMPLIFIER = 15watts RMS output, transistor
ELEVATION = Fast acting tilt control knob.

REWIND = High speed rewind if required by pressing the clutch lever on the take up spindle.
LUBRICATION = As the projector is self lubricating it is unnecessary to oil any part of it.
MADE IN GERMANY BERLIN - MUNCHEN (This is a genuine Siemens product)

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