Nr.6624 Super 8 Sound The Old Fashioned Way (1934) W.C.Field| Comedy | 13 July 1934 (USA) zwartwit Engels geluid

Vorige Artikel 67 van 101 Volgende
€ 25,00

1 reel a 120 meter zwartwit met Engels geluid


The Great McGonigle's traveling theatrical troupe are staying at a boarding house. They are preparing to put on a production of "The Drunkard" (and do so during this movie). Cleopatra Pepperday puts up money for the show provided she can have a part ("Here comes the prince!"). Little Albert Wendelschaffer torments McGonigle all through lunch ("How can you hurt a watch by dipping it in molasses?"). In spite of being pursued by several sheriffs, McGonigle is able to keep going and see his daughter Betty happily married.

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