Nr.6568 - Super 8 - charlie chaplin The Tramp (1915)speelduur 26min | Short, Comedy | 12 April 1915 (USA) orgineel silent zwartwit

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The Tramp (1915)

26min | Short, Comedy | 12 April 1915 (USA)

1 reel a 120 meter zwartwit silent


Charlie is a tramp on the road. A hobo manages to exchange Charlie's sandwich for a brick so Charlie must eat grass. The same hobo molests a farmer's daughter; Charlie comes to aid with the help of the brick. When two more hobos show up Charlie throws all three into a lake. The grateful girl takes Charlie home where he fails as a farmhand. He again helps drive off the hobos (who are now trying to break into the house). The girl's fiance arrives. Though a hero, Charlie, knowing he must go, writes a farewell note and leaves for the open road. Written by Ed Stephan <>

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